Film Too Much Family!

IPMA has supported the Film “Troppa Famiglia!” directed by the Art Director Pierluigi Di Lallo and produced by Gatto Film. The film was entirely shot in Abruzzo with a “bombastic” cast: Ricky Memphis, Antonello Fassari, Alessandro Tiberi, Claudia Potenza, Rocio Munoz, Dario Ballantini, Daniela Giordano, Federico Perrotta, Riccardo Graziosi.

The plot – In a small village in Abruzzo, in February 2020, the Covid-19 emergency is only at the beginning, apparently being limited to just one area of Italy. Alfredo and Felicetta, both widowed with a son each, Filippo and Giacomo, have been happily married for 30 years in a second marriage from which a daughter, Maria Concetta, was born. They have created a perfect blended family. The sons, who are now adults and settled down, live far away from home. Only Maria Concetta is still living with them but she is about to get married with a wealthy local olive grower, Marcello. The moment has come for the couple to think about themselves and their dreams. By taking advantage of the opportunity given by “Quota 100” which allows Felicetta to anticipate her retirement, they plan to change their life by moving to Portugal. They are going to tell their decision to their children on 29th February, on the birthday of Alfredo and his grandson Andrew, when the family meets together to celebrate. But the family harmony reveals to be just appearance and for a number of reasons the three children will mess up their plans.